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Five Must-Have Car Technologies Found at Kia

Touchscreens, blind spot assist, back-up cams, oh my! With so many new car features and so much advanced in-vehicle technology it can be hard to tell what’s a must-have and what you can do without. Luckily, each year car experts put together their lists of best features. And, as always, Kia is right on top of this tech. The top features AutoTrader recently rated as must-have automotive technology for 2015 can all found on the latest Kia models. Kia is committed to providing top quality features and ‘must have’ technologies on their vehicle line-up, as seen in their extensive list of accolades and awards in 2015.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Instead of maintaining a pre-set speed and slowing down when you tap the brakes adaptive cruise control automatically keeps a set distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. That means it will speed up and slow down as needed, without your intervention.

Adaptive cruise control is available on the Kia Cadenza, Kia Sorento crossover and super lux but affordable Kia K900.

Forward-Collision Mitigation

This feature is a literal lifesaver. It’s any system that gauges your car’s velocity and the distance to a vehicle or object in front of you and takes action to let you know if something is wrong (like you’re going to crash).

Kia has embraced a forward-collision warning system in a variety of models. Kia’s approach uses a combination of audio and visual warnings. The Forward Collision Warning System can be found in the Kia Sedona minivan, Kia Sorento, Kia Optima and Kia Soul.

Touchscreen Infotainment

There are a few built-in touchscreen infotainment systems on the market right now. Located on the middle console, these screens typically allow drivers to control settings, climate and entertainment. In the age of smartphones and tablets, analog technology in vehicles can feel clumsy and outdated, making the infotainment touchscreen a new must-have.

Kia’s UVO advanced infotainment system features voice-recognition technology, navigation and other handy features. It can also interface with your phone via USB or a phone app. UVO is available in just about every Kia model, though you may have to spring for the nicer trim option.

Parking Assist

Have trouble gauging how close you are to the cars around you when parking (especially when parallel parking or backing in)? That’s what parking assist is for. Sensors and backup cams with visual cues will help you nail it without nailing the car behind you.

Kia’s Rear Parking Assist detects objects behind the vehicle and chimes if you get to close. If you keep getting closer, the chimes increase until it’s a solid tone (because you’re about to bump something). Kias with a rear camera will also show you video of everything behind you along with color-coded guidelines. Some models also have front parking assist sensors. You can find these features on the Kia Optima, Sedona and other models. Kia Smart Park Assist is a feature recently introduced to the European market that auto parallel parks your vehicle. Hopefully that one hops the pond soon!

Auto Stop/Start

This is a great feature for fuel efficiency and also reduces your driving carbon footprint by lowering emissions. Auto Stop/Start options automatically shut off your engine when your car idles for a certain amount of time – like at a long stop light. As soon as you take your foot off the brake the engine starts back up. The whole time the vehicle remains in drive so you don’t have to worry about changing gears.

In Kia models the auto stop/start feature is called Kia Idle, Stop, Go (ISG). ISG is an optional feature on select Kia Soul and Kia Rio models – both great cars for city driving where the feature will come in particularly handy during rush hour.

Kia Technology

Clearly Kia is devoted to giving drivers the most advanced technology available, and at an affordable price to boot! These features are just a handful of the bells and whistles designed to make your driving experience safer, easier and more enjoyable. Now that you know, don’t settle for less.

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  • On December 29, 2015

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