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How to Check Your Oil Level Like a Pro

Driving your car is the easy part, but when it comes to doing your own maintenance, even basics tasks can seem a little bit daunting to many people. That’s especially true if you’ve just learned to drive or you have recently purchased your very first car.

While not all maintenance tasks are something drivers can do – we won’t tell you that you should be able to handle brake pads on your own! – there are some things everybody should know. Knowing how to check your oil level is one of those things.

It might seem simple to some of you more experienced drivers, but this basic guide can help anyone check their oil level quickly and efficiently so you can ensure that your car is running right. After all, without enough oil, you could be putting your car’s engine and yourself at risk.


Learn What’s Under the Hood

Before you can really do basic things like checking the oil level in your car, taking the time to learn a little bit about what’s under the hood in your car is a wise idea. To do this, simply open the hood and pull out your owner’s manual.

Note where things are on the diagrams and where they are under the hood. Doing this will help you when you need to do something like add windshield wiper fluid.

Obviously you should check your diagram to locate the oil dipstick so you can begin checking your oil as well.

Oil Level 101

Now that you know a little bit about what’s under the hood in your vehicle and you’ve found the oil dipstick, you can go ahead and check the oil in your car. Start by pulling the dipstick out and giving it a quick wipe with a rag or shop towel. In a pinch, you can use paper towels as well, but make sure the dipstick doesn’t have any paper residue on it after you wipe.

Once clean, put the dipstick back into the oil and make sure it’s seated firmly in place as if you were going to start and drive the car. Then, pull the dipstick back out and locate the two notches or lines on the body of the dipstick.

Verify that the oil level is between the two notches or fill lines on the body of the dipstick. If it’s lower than the bottom line, or the minimum level line, you may need to add a quart of the appropriate oil to your vehicle.

Wipe the dipstick down once more and put it back into your vehicle. Secure the hood and the job is done!

i25 Kia

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  • On October 25, 2016

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