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New Features in the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo

The brand new Kia Soul Turbo is a re-imagined version of the popular blocky car. The Soul quickly caught the eye of consumers with its unusual shape and odd body lines, and has grown to become one of Kia’s best-selling automobiles. In 2017, the engineers at Kia wanted to take things up a notch by adding more power and performance to go with the unique styling of this car. 

Mechanical Upgrades

The Kia Soul Turbo is now sporting the impressive 1.6L turbocharged inline 4 engine that already has made a place for itself with other vehicles in the Kia and Hyundai lineup. Given its successful past, it is a welcome addition to the Soul Turbo and offers a reliable track record to build upon.

In addition, a new 7-speed dual clutch transmission will accompany the engine upgrade, offering more torque and horsepower all around. The dual clutch makes it possible to shift faster and smoother all the way through the top of your range. 


Aside from the massive upgrades in mechanics, the Kia Soul Turbo also benefits from a gorgeous redesign of the interior. A new steering wheel in leather and a massive center screen give the car a more modern appearance. The push button start also proves that Kia is keeping up with other manufacturers in the technology sphere.  

Kia is introducing two new colors for the Soul Turbo this year, a beautiful shade of blue and a warm brown. Other changes include upgrades to the headlights and LED fog lights, which are as much aesthetic improvements as safety options. Small changes to the front and back bumper also can be noted in the new version.

Driver Experience

If you ever felt as if the original Kia Soul was underpowered, this is the upgrade you needed. The culmination of Kia’s redesign has resulted in a more enjoyable ride that definitely lives up to expectations. By tightening up the suspension in the front end and making things a little stiffer, the Soul now drives more like a performance crossover than an old sedan. It feels sportier from the second the light turns green.

The optional blind-spot cameras make it easy to navigate on the road and provide the reassurance you need as you drive. The cabin itself is roomy, and the boxy exterior gives way to an open interior with plenty of cargo space in the rear. 

i25 Kia

The Kia Soul Turbo is a vast improvement upon a car that already was visually appealing. The team at Kia has completely overhauled the way the Soul Turbo drives and brought it into a more competitive sphere of crossovers and hatchbacks. 

Check out all that the Kia Soul Turbo has to offer at i25 Kia. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself why we’re so excited about this car.

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  • On December 28, 2016

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