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What Does The Kia 10-year Warranty Cover?

A warranty is an important agreement that ensures you are always covered in case any repairs or replacements are needed within a certain period. At Kia, we understand the full value of providing quality service long after you’ve purchased your Kia car. That’s why we’ve introduced our 10-year/ 100,000-mile warranty that has you covered in case you experience any issues. The 10-year warranty covers numerous areas that could pose a challenge in the future. Some of these areas are included below.


Safeguard Against Unexpected Repairs

Unexpected repairs can cause a lot of problems for you such as accruing additional expenses, especially if you aren’t covered. Our Kia 10-year/ 100,000-mile warranty has you covered against unexpected repairs that may pose problems. The repairs will be conveniently handled by our skilled and trained staff ensuring that all your repairs are dealt with accordingly.


Roadside Assistance

Experiencing engine trouble in the middle of nowhere can be a terrifying experience, especially if your phone isn’t working properly. In case of such a problem, you can be able to make a free phone call to our roadside assistance providers. The problem will be dealt with on the spot, ensuring that you don’t remain stranded and you continue on your journey without any additional hitches. They might opt to tow your vehicle in case the problem is serious and needs more attention. This service is provided to you at no cost.


Trip Interruption Policy

Having to delay an important trip due to car issues can be costly. At Kia we have ensured that you receive your much-deserved compensation. In the event that your Kia car breaks down while you are on a trip and more than 24 hours are required to repair it, you can request compensation for your trip being interrupted.


Free Assistance

In case you are stranded, and you have no means to reach your destination, our Kia 10-year warranty program has got you covered. Our toll-free hotline is available to our customers in case of such setbacks, and our staff will promptly address your issue.


Learn more about the Kia Car Warranty at i25 Kia

Offering top quality services to our customers is a top priority for us at Kia. This quality service has been extended to all our customers through our warranty program. All customers can rest easy with the peace of mind that all their needs and services will be aptly taken care of. Head over to i25 Kia for a chance to test drive our vehicles.

  • Posted by Rochelle Reynolds
  • On February 6, 2018

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